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Total Quality Management

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Total Quality Management

Answer the following question.

Question. 1. Describe how the golden rule does or does not influence each of the six concepts of TQM? (10 marks)

Answer: A simple understanding of Total Quality Management consists of defining it as a continual improvement of the broad element of total quality philosophy (measures, people, and processes) in order to keep delivering a high quality products and/or services to their customers by an organization which aims to maximize its competitiveness.

Yet, as there are many definitions

Question. 2. Describe two ways to determine a superior process? (10 marks)

Answer: A business process or business method is a collection of related, structured activities or tasks that produce a specific service or product (serve a particular goal) for a particular customer or customers. It may often be visualized as a flowchart of a sequence of activities with interleaving decision points or as a process matrix of a sequence of activities with relevance rules based on data in the process.

There are three types of business

Question. 3. Why are the product evaluation standards in the development stage? (10 marks)

Answer: ISO, the International Organization for Standardization, is an independent, non-governmental organization, the members of which are the standards organizations of the 163 member countries. It is the world's largest developer of voluntary international standards and facilitates world trade by providing common standards between nations. Over twenty thousand standards have been set covering everything

Question. 4. What is the best way to improve market share for a product or service? (10 marks)

Answer: The process of trying to increase your market share is a continuous one. You can never stop trying to win new customers. After all, your competitors are probably trying to win your customers over right now.

Question. 5. Why has e-Commerce grown so quickly? (10 marks)

Answer: Why has e-commerce grown so rapidly? The answer lies in the unique nature of the Internet and the Web. Simply put, the Internet and e-commerce technologies are much more rich and powerful than previous technology revolutions like radio, television, and the telephone. Table 10.2 describes the unique features of the Internet and Web as a commercial medium. Let’s explore each of these unique features in more detail.

Ubiquity: In traditional commerce, a marketplace is a

Question. 6. Discuss the advantages of an empowered team? (10 marks)

Answer: Employee empowerment is giving employees a certain degree of autonomy and responsibility for decision-making regarding their specific organizational tasks. It allows decisions to be made at the lower levels of an organization where employees have a unique view of the issues and problems facing the organization at a certain level.

Theoretical Approaches to Empowerment

Question. 7. Briefly describe the purpose of an ISO 9000 quality system? (10 marks)

Answer: Quality is something every company strives for and is often times very difficult to achieve. Complications concerning efficiency and quality present themselves everyday in business, whether an important document cannot be found or a consumer finds a product not up to their expectations. How can a company increase the quality of its products and services? The answer is ISO 9000.

Question. 8. What is the overall aim of the EMS Standard? (10 marks)

Answer: Environmental management system (EMS) refers to the management of an organization's environmental programs in a comprehensive, systematic, planned and documented manner. It includes the organizational structure, planning

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