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MBA102 - Business Communication

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FALL 2017
Master of Business Administration- MBA
Semester 1
MBA102 - Business Communication

Note –The Assignment is divided into 2 sets. You have to answer all questions in both sets. Average score of both assignments scored by you will be considered as your IA score. Kindly note that answers for 10 marks questions should be approximately of 400 words.


Question. 1. Define communication. What are the characteristics of communication?

Answer: When communication is referred in an organizational context, it is known as organizational communication. According to William Scott: ‘Administrative communication is a process which involves the transmission and accurate replication of ideas ensured by feedback for the purpose of eliciting actions which will accomplish organizational goals.‘

Characteristics of Communication

Based on the above definitions there are certain characteristics of communication. These are:

·       Communication involves at least two

Question. 2. What are the five types of reading?

Answer: With the latest advancements in the fields of information technology reading large amount of information has become imperative and it is demanding more time and energy. There are mainly five times of reading styles that are ordinarily used while reading. These are discussed here briefly: –

(a) Labeling: Labeling helps a person to remember the context of a document, memorandum or letter. Here intention is not to go in detail into tacts. In labelling we survey the text in the following manner: we look at the title, section headings, and special print, illustrations, graphs and tables. Then we build up an idea ol what the text as a whole is about

(b) Skimming: Skimming means exploratory reading so as to have general view of a document. It is considered the most valuable reading tool of the busy office assistants as well as middle executives. Here one allows his/her eyes to wander across the page without regular fixation. The eyes move where they want to, trying to pick out important words.

Question. 3. Mention the advantages and disadvantages of intranet.

Answer: Advantages of Intranet

There are number of advantages of intranet discussed below

·       Intranets offering workforce productivity which can help user to find and observe information very fast. User may also use applications according to their roles and tasks. Through web browser a user can get access to entire contents of any website from anywhere or any time. Intranet also increase the ability of employee’s by performing their job confidently very fast, and accurately.
·       Intranet permits business companies to share out information to employees according to their need or requirements. Employees may also link to appropriate data at their expediency.
·       The best advantage offered by intranet is communications within an organization or business company, landscape or portrait.


Question. 1. Explain the wheel of communication. Who are the internal stake holders in an organization?

Answer: In wheel pattern, there is a leader at the center of all communication. All others are members that stand at the same level in structure.

Here, all members can communicate with the leader and vice versa. But, members cannot interact with each other. Sometimes, members do not even know of the existence of other members of the same group.

This, pattern is taken as the best pattern of communication for any organization as leader can have direct contact with all.

Communication problems are less and the method is quick. There is no distortion of information by other members of the group while passing

Question. 2. Define meeting. Explain types of meetings.

Answer: There are different types of meetings which are called on different occasions. The following is common types of meetings:

Types of Meetings

·       Formal meeting: When any meeting is arranged by following official formalities, rules and decorum then it is called formal meeting.
·       Informal meeting: When any meeting is arranged without maintaining official rules and regulation, it is called informal meeting. Such meeting can be called upon by giving short notice using informal media. This type of

Question. 3. Explain the barriers to listening.

Answer: It is common, when listening to someone else speak, to be formulating a reply whilst the other person is still talking. However, this means that we are not really listening to all that is being said.

Even good listeners are often guilty of critically evaluating what is being said before fully understanding the message that the speaker is trying to communicate.  The result is that assumptions are made and conclusions reached about the speaker's meaning, that might be inaccurate.  This and other types of ineffective listening lead to misunderstandings and a breakdown in communication.

Dear students get fully solved assignments
Send your semester & Specialization name to our mail id :
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