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MS - 55 Logistics and Supply Chain Management

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Course Code                                   :                                          MS - 55
Course Title                                    :                               Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Assignment Code                          :                                          MS-55 /TMA/SEM - II/2017
Coverage                                         :                                          All Blocks

Note: Attempt all the questions and submit this assignment on or before 31st October, 2017 to the coordinator of your study centre.

Question. 1. How the chain relationship can contribute to the success of SCM. Is it necessary to extend this relationship beyond the chain, to further achieve the objectives of SCM?

Answer: The term "relationships" covers a lot of ground in supply chain management. There are strategic relationships, tactical relationships, transactional relationships, internal relationships, and possibly more. There are also relationships among members of the supply chain community. Let's look at those first.

Our supply chain universe can be seen as clustered around three "estates," roughly comparable to the social divisions in pre-revolutionary France. We might, without stretching too far, term them the First Estate—the academic community (or the "clergy"); the Second Estate—the consultants and software developers (or the "nobility"); and the Third

Question. 2. What is Bullwhip effect? Explain the various permutations and combinations to reduce this effect in SCM.

Answer: Through the numerous stages of a supply chain; key factors such as time and supply of order decisions, demand for the supply, lack of communication and disorganization can result in one of the most common problems in supply chain management.  This common problem is known as the bullwhip effect; also sometimes the whiplash effect.

Question. 3. “Making changes in a manufacturing company is probably the hardest thing that civilized man has ever set out to achieve”- give your comment on this statement in context with the organization switching to supply chain management.

Answer: It is well known that supply chain management is an integral part of most businesses and is essential to company success and customer satisfaction.

Boost Customer Service

·       Customers expect the correct product assortment and quantity to be delivered.
·       Customers expect products to be available at the right location. (i.e., customer satisfaction diminishes if an auto repair shop does not have the necessary parts in stock and can’t fix your car for an extra day or two).

Question. 4. What is the need for Supply Chain Performance Measures? What are the factors that contribute to management’s need for new types of measures for managing the supply chain?

Answer: Globalization of the economy, e-business, and introduction of new technologies pose new challenges to all organizations especially for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). In this scenario, successful implementation of supply chain management (SCM) can give SMEs an edge over their competitors. However, SMEs in India and other developing countries face problems in SCM implementation due to lack of resources and

Question. 5. “Facility and their locations are major issues in an organisation’s logistics system efficiency and its ability to successfully implement its competitive advantage”. Comment!

Answer: Supply chain collaboration is a hot topic today—and no wonder: companies that collaborate effectively across the supply chain have enjoyed dramatic reductions in inventories and costs, together with improvements in speed, service levels, and customer satisfaction.

Collaboration between companies—joint initiatives that go beyond their normal course of day-to-day business, with the aim of delivering significant improvement over the long term—is particularly attractive for the consumer packaged goods (CPG)

Dear students get fully solved assignments
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