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MB0041 – Financial And Management Accounting

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Fall 2012
Master of Business Administration- MBA Semester 1
MB0041 – Financial And Management Accounting - 4 Credits
(Book ID: B1624)
Assignment Set - 1 (60 Marks)
Note: Each question carries 10 Marks. Answer all the questions.

Q1. Explain the process involved in accounting.
Answer : As implied earlier, today's electronic accounting systems tend to obscure the traditional forms of the accounting cycle. Nevertheless, the same basic process that bookkeepers and accountants used to perform by hand are present in today's accounting software.
An accounting cycle is a

Q2. The salaries paid in 2004 is Rs. 5,00,000; Salaries outstanding is Rs. 20,000; Salaries paid in advance for 2004 is Rs. 30,000. What is the actual salary expenditure for 2004? Which accounting principle is involved in this and explain that principle.
Answer : 1. The principle …

3. Find the value of the following:
a. If the total assets are Rs. 87,000 and the liabilities are Rs. 47,000, find out the amount of capital.

Answer : Total a

b. If the capital of proprietor is Rs. 4,00,000 and the total assets are Rs. 6,00,000, what is the amount of liabilities to outsiders?
Answer : Capital

c. If creditors are Rs. 56,000, bank overdraft is Rs.1,00,000, and outstanding expenses are Rs. 8,000, what is the total amount of assets?
Answer : creditor

d. Fixed assets are Rs.70,000 and current assets are Rs.1,00,000 and the creditors are Rs.30,000. What is capital?
Answer : Fixed a

4. Enter the following transactions in the single column cash book of Gopichand.

1st. Commenced business with cash                                                                                20000
2nd.  Bought goods for cash                                                                                         5000
3rd.  Sold goods for cash                                                                                               4000
4th.  Goods purchased from Ravi Kumar                                                             10000
10th. Paid to Ravi Kumar                                                                                              7000
14th. Cash sales                                                                                                                8000
18th. Purchased furniture for office                                                                        4000
22nd. Paid wages                                                                                                                500
25th. Paid rent                                                                                                                    600
30th. Received commission                                                                                        4000
30th. Withdrew for personal purpose                                                                    1000
31st    Paid Salary                                                                                                                900
Cash balance                                                                                                      17000                                           
Hint: Goods Purchased from Ravi Kumar is a credit purchase.
Hint: Goods Purchased from Ravi Kumar is a credit purchase.

Q5. Find out the missing figures.

Office stationery

Opening stock
Purchased during the year
Closing stock
Consumed for the year

 Hint : Office stationery consumed for the year =27000
Consumables purchased during the year = 22000
Answer : Solution:
Q6. Explain the tools of management accounting.
Answer : Tools of Management Accounting
Management Accounting uses the following tools or techniques to fulfill its responsibilities and duties towards management.
• Financial Statement

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Master of Business Administration- MBA Semester 1
Fall 2012
MB0041 – Financial and Management Accounting- 4 Credits
(Book ID: B1624)
Assignment Set - 2 (60 Marks)
Note: Each question carries 10 Marks. Answer all the questions.

Q1. Compute trend ratios and comment on the financial performance of Infosys Technologies Ltd. from the following extract of its income statements of five years.

(in Rs. Crore)






Profit (PBIDT)

PAT from ordinary activities






(Source: Infosys Technologies Ltd. – Annual Report)
Hint: The Revenue and Operating Profit (PBIDT) have almost doubled in four years. The PAT from ordinary activities has increased by 77.26% in the same period.
Answer : Computing trend

Q2. What is fund flow analysis? What are the objectives of analysing flow of fund?
From the following balance sheets of Joy Ltd., prepare a cash flow statement under indirect method.

Equity share capital
8% redeemable pref. share capital
General reserve
Profit and loss
Proposed dividend
Sundry creditors
Bills payable
Provision for taxation

Land and building
Sundry debtors
Bills receivable

Additional Information
a) Depreciation of Rs.10,000 and Rs.20,000 has been changed on plant and building during the current year.
b) An interim dividend of Rs.20,000 has been paid during the current year.
c) Rs.35,000 was paid during the current year for income tax.
Hint: Cash flow from operating activities Rs.1,25,000; Cash flow from investing activities (Rs.1,20,000); Cash flow from financing activities (Rs.12,000).
Answer : Solution :
Schedule of changes in working capital

Q3. Calculate the cost of raw materials purchased from the following data:
Opening stock of raw materials                                           Rs.10,000
Closing stock of raw materials                                              Rs.15,000
Expenses on purchases                                                          Rs.5,000
Direct wages                                                                            Rs.50, 000
Prime costs                                                                              Rs.1, 00,000

Hint: Cost of Raw Materials purchased is Rs.50,000
Answer :
Solution: -           Calculation

Q4. Distinguish between absorption costing and marginal costing
Answer : Absorption Costing vs Marginal Costing
The system of computing the cost of production is known as costing. The main purpose of any costing system is to identify the cost incurred for the production of a unit output. In a manufacturing company, identifying the cost associated with a unit product is very important to price the product such that the company could make a profit and survive to exist in the future. Both absorption costing and marginal costing are traditional system of

Q6. Explain the essential features of budgetary control.
Answer : An effective budgeting system should have essential features to get best results. In this direction, the following may be considered as essential features of an effective budgeting.

Business Policies defined: The top management of an organization strives to have an action plan for every activity and for each department. Every

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MB0038 –Management Process and Organizational Behaviour

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Fall / August 2012
Master of Business Administration- MBA Semester 1
MB0038 –Management Process and Organizational Behaviour - 4 Credits
(Book ID:B1621)
Assignment Set- 1 (60 Marks)
Note: Each Question carries 10 marks. Answer all the questions.

Q1.Explain strategy as an organisational process.
Answer :  Organizational Strategy provides guidelines for action. Uncomfortable and ambiguous strategies may affect the functioning of the individuals & employees adversely and they may experience stress and eventually this may lead to high levels of attrition. Thus, unfair and arbitrary performance evaluation, unrealistic job description, frequent reallocation of

Q2.What are the factors that influences span of control?
Answer :  Spans of control refer to the number of subordinates a manager or supervisor can directly supervise in an organization. Some of the major factors that affect the span of control in an organization are describe below. Level of Management If the superiors are working at the top-level of management, then they have more responsibilities. Therefore, their span of control will be narrow and vice-versa.

Q3.What are the types of plans found in organisations?
Answer :
Ø  Operational plans:

The specific results expected from departments, work groups, and individuals are the operational goals. These goals are precise and measurable. ―Process 150 sales applications each week‖ or ―Publish 20books this quarter‖ are examples of operational goals. An operational

Q4.What are the characteristics of an effective team?
Answer : 1. The team members share a sense of purpose and common goals, and each team member is       willing to work to achieve these goals.
2. The team is aware of and interested in its own processes and examines norms operating within the team.
3. The

Q5.What are the internal and external forces of organisational change?
Answer : Internal and external environmental forces driving organizational change
I would like to find discussion partners regarding internal and external environmental forces driving organizational change face resisting forces that maintain the status quo, where leaders role are collaborative change agents examined amidst individual, group, and

Q6.Ms. Janice Alisha is a General Manager of Production in a company. She finds that there is a need to improve the motivation level of the employees. Suggest some of the motivational tools that she can use to improve employee motivation in her organisation.
Answer : Any CEO

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Fall / August 2012
Master of Business Administration- MBA Semester 1
MB0038 –Management Process and Organizational Behaviour - 4 Credits
(Book ID:B1621)
Assignment Set- 2 (60 Marks)

Note: Each Question carries 10 marks. Answer all the questions.

Q1.What are the principles of management?
Answer : Management Principles from Henri Fayola (1841-1925) are:
1)      Division of Work. Specialization allows the individual to build up experience, and to continuously improve his skills. Thereby he can be more productive.

Q2.What are the characteristics of leading?
Answer :  If you want to be a great leader it requires some indispensable characteristics and qualities. I have already written on some important Quality’s of a Leader, so today let’s focus on some characteristic of an effective leader.

1. Visionary- A

Q3.Briefly explain the four main approaches to Organisational Behaviour.
Answer : Organizational behaviour is the study of the way individuals and groups behave within organizations. It is a mixed field of various psychological and sociological concepts, having a great deal to do with the way people are motivated and how they act on those motivations. There are many different approaches to organizational behaviour; however,

Q4.Explain the five major leadership styles as per the Managerial Grid theory.
Answer :  The Managerial Grid was the original name which was the modifications were made by Robert R Blake and Anne Adams Macanese. After the modifications it was named as Leadership Grid.

Q5.List some of the commonly found perceptual biases.
Answer : Perceptual Bias
Perceptual bias is the lens we automatically filter all of our experiences through. It makes some things seem more noteworthy than others. It guides our reactions and thoughts about what we experience, see, or feel. You cannot get entirely away from perceptual bias. Who you

Q6.Suppose you are the Team Manager in a multinational company with team strength of 12 members. You are given the responsibility of ensuring that the team gives excellent performance or results. What are the key issues you have to handle in team building?
Answer : Goals, purpose,

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