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MF0017 - Merchant Banking and financial Services

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FALL 2017
Master of Business Administration – MBA
MF0017 - Merchant Banking and financial Services

Note: Answer all questions. Kindly note that answers for 10 marks questions should be approximately of 400 words. Each question is followed by evaluation scheme.

Question. 1. What do you mean by Underwriting? What are the various code of conduct laid down for an underwriter?

Answer: An underwriter should:

1. Make all efforts to protect the interests of its clients.

2. Maintain high standards of integrity, dignity and fairness in the conduct of its business.

3.  Ensure that it and its personnel will

Question. 2. What do you mean by Leasing? What are the essentials of a Leasing Contract?

Answer: Across the nation, and due to the housing and unemployment crisis of the past decade and a half, many former homeowners have returned to renting property. Plagued by high unemployment, many college graduates have also put buying a home aside and settled in a generation of renters.

Question. 3. What do you mean by a Depository? What are the various functions performed by a Depository?

Answer: Introduction of Depository system gives way for dematerialization of shares. A Depository is an organization which holds the securities of a shareholder in electronic form at the request of the shareholder.

The development of Information

Question. 4. Explain the concept of Hire Purchase. What are the various features of a hire purchase agreement?

Answer: Hire purchase is a method of financing of the fixed asset to be purchased on future date. Under this method of financing, the purchase price is paid in installments. Ownership of the asset is transferred after the payment of the last installment.
Features of Hire Purchase:

The main features of hire purchase finance are

Question. 5. What are the main factors that are analyzed by the credit rating agencies while assessing various financial instruments?

Answer: A credit rating is a rating agency’s opinion on the willingness and ability of a debt issuer to make full and timely payments of financial obligations. This assessment of credit risk is based not only on the analysis of financial risks, but also on a wide range of other factors, including industry risks, business risks and management skills, which may have an impact on the debt issuer’s ability to service debt. In this article we look at the key criteria that analysts will examine in the credit rating process.

The rating process employed by credit rating

Question. 6. Explain the concept of Venture Capital Funds? What are the various features of a venture capital fund?

Answer: It is a private or institutional investment made into early-stage / start-up companies (new ventures). As defined, ventures involve risk (having uncertain outcome) in the expectation of a sizeable gain. Venture Capital is money invested in businesses that are small; or exist only as an initiative, but have huge potential to grow.

Dear students get fully solved assignments
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