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MK0013-Marketing Research

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MK0013-Marketing Research


1 What do you mean by research? State some of its characteristics.

AnswerMeaning of Research
Research is a systematic and intensive study undertaken to:
·         Address the fundamental questions or
·         Find a solution to the existing problems.
It is an art of scientific investigation. It is also a systematic design collection analysis and reporting of the findings and solutions for the existing problems of a company. According to the

2 Write a short note on the criteria of choosing a good research design.
Explanation (2 marks for each criteria)

Answer: The criteria of a good research design are:
·         Feasibility: Designs should be implemented in a correct form. The duration and sequence of events should be designed in a proper way. Problems should be anticipated in measurement, adherence to assignment and database construction. Additional groups should be included in the design to explicitly correct such

3 Explain comparative scales and its types.
Explanation of the meaning
Explanation of types

Answer: In comparative scaling, the respondent is asked to compare one brand or product against another. Comparative scaling techniques help in direct comparison between stimulus objects. One of the main advantages of comparative scaling is the easy application by researcher


1 Explain various types of probability sampling techniques with suitable examples.

AnswerClassification of Probability Sampling Techniques

2 Analyse the steps involved in hypothesis testing.

AnswerSteps Involved in Hypothesis Testing
1. Setting-up of hypothesis: The first step is to set up the decision making process. This involves specifying the null hypothesis (H0) and the alternative hypothesis (H).
2. Selecting a significance level: A criterion used for rejecting the null hypothesis is the significance level. The significance level is used in hypothesis testing as follows: First, the difference between the

3 Write short notes on:
a) Media planning
b) Copy Testing

AnswerMedia Planning
Media planning is quite essential in establishing the best way to disperse advertisers’ message across to the consumer market through various media channels. In short, the main goal of the media plan is to find such combination of media resources, which facilitate the marketer to communicate their
Dear students get fully solved assignments
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