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PM0017 Project Quality Management

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Masters of Business Administration - MBA
Project Quality Management

Qus:1 What is ISO quality standard? Define ISO 9001:2008, ISO 9004:2009 and ISO 19011:2011.
ISO Quality Standard                                  1
ISO 9001:2008                                               3
ISO 9004:2009                                               3         
ISO 19011:2011                                             3
Answer: Today, there are various quality programmes, standards, and excellence models or awards to influence quality practices in organisations. Different countries have instituted different standards for promoting quality management. These practices focus on certain parameters like customer satisfaction and busin

Qus:2 Detail the Concept of Project Quality Assurance. Illustrate Quality Assurance Plan.
Concept of Project Quality Assurance                               4
Quality Assurance Plan                                                        6         
Answer: The potential of a project to produce high quality outcomes largely depends on the decisions taken during its planning stage. In this stage, you set the quality parameters of project management and product realization processes, which together affect the quality of the project

Qus:3 Elaborate benefits & barriers of Project Quality Improvement.
Benefits of Project Quality Improvement.                         3
Barriers of Project Quality Improvement.                         7
Answer: To focus on continuous improvement, an organisation needs to constantly manage its processes, and identify and remove problems. Continuous improvement encompasses all the processes and departments of an organisation. It follows the top-down approach. The top management initiates and

Qus:4 Define Process flowcharts. Detail High-level, Detailed and Deployment/matrix flowchart.
Process flowcharts                                                    1
High-level flowcharts                                               3
Detailed flowcharts                                                   3
Deployment/matrix flowchart                                 3
Answer: Process flowcharts
In 1921, Frank Gilbreth, a pioneer of motion study, introduced the concept of flowcharts. Gradually, flowcharts made a mark on various industrial and engineering projects. Quality guru Kaoru Ishikawa defined a

Qus:5 What do you understand from Problem Solving in Project Management? Detail Tools for Solving Problems.
Problem Solving in Project Management              1
Tools for Solving Problems                                      9
Answer: A structured approach to problem solving helps in managing projects in a better way. This approach consists of various problem solving tools and guidelines that help an organisation to solve problems properly. An organisation can either adopt various existing problem solving

Qus:6 Define European Forum for Quality Management (EFQM). Elaborate the three integrated components of EFQM.
European Forum for Quality Management (EFQM)                   1
Three integrated components of EFQM                                        9
Answer: The European Forum for Quality Management (EFQM) is an excellence model that works as a quality tool. Although mostly used in Europe by organisations to improve performance, the EFQM model can be applied to any organisation regardless of size, sector, or maturity. It is a generic

Dear students get fully solved assignments
Send your semester & Specialization name to our mail id :
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