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BT9402, Artificial Intelligence

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DRIVE Winter 2017
SUBJECT CODE & NAME BT9402, Artificial Intelligence

1 Briefly explain concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Answer: Artificial Intelligence (AI), as we know it today, is a relatively new field. Even though some groundwork had been laid earlier, AI began in earnest with the emergence of the modern computer during the 1940s and the 1950s. It was the ability of these new electronic machines

2 What are the achievements of AI?

Answer: Achievements of AI
1.      Deep Thought is an international grand master chess player.
2.      Sphinx can recognize continuous speech without training for each speaker. It operates in near real time using a vocabulary of 1000 words and has 94% word

3 Mention the Principles of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Answer: Principles of Artificial Intelligence
The First Principle: Bounded Rationality Implies Opportunistic Search
This is the fundamental result of Simon’s research on decision making in organizations, leading to the Nobel Prize. It says that “computational constraints on human thinking” leads people

4 Explain the knowledge base and reasoning in Expert system.

Answer: Knowledge base
The knowledge base of expert systems contains both factual and heuristic knowledge. Factual knowledge is that knowledge of the task domain that is widely shared, typically found in textbooks or journals, and commonly agreed upon by those knowledgeable in the particular field. Heuristic knowledge is the less rigorous, more experiential, more judgmental

5 What are all the possible properties that a robot must adhere?

Answer: While there is no single correct definition of "robot", a typical robot will have several or possibly all of the following properties.
·       It is artificially created.
·       It can sense its

6 Explain briefly different advances in AI.

Answer: Advances in Artificial Intelligence
It is fortunate that AI has several areas in which there has been sustained research over the past twenty to thirty years. These areas are chess, natural language, speech, vision, robotics and expert systems. Progress in some of these areas by providing a historical perspective are given

Dear students get fully solved assignments
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