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BIT101 – Fundamentals of Information Technology

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DRIVE fall 2017
PROGRAM Bachelor of Science in Information Technology - B.SC(IT)
SUBJECT CODE & NAME BIT101 – Fundamentals of Information Technology

Assignment Set -1

1 Write a brief note on different cloud deployment model.

Answer: Cloud deployment models
Public Cloud: is a type of cloud hosting in which the cloud services are delivered over a network which is open for public usage. This model is a true representation of cloud hosting; in this the service provider renders services and infrastructure to various clients. The customers do not have any

2 Explain different internet connection types.

Answer: Internet connection types
Dial Up Connection
Dial up connections are the oldest, most out of date connections still available today. They are incredibly slow, unreliable, take up your phone line, and they make the very loud and annoying dial up sound when connecting to the internet. The only real benefit of a dial up connection is that it might be the

3 Mention different software application.

Answer: Software applications can be neatly compartmentalized into different categories.
·       System software: System software is a collection of programs written to service other programs.

Assignment Set 2
1 Explain the characteristics of computers.

Answer: The important characteristics of a computer are described below:
1. Speed
The computer is a very high speed electronic device. The operations on the data inside the computer are performed through electronic circuits according to the given instructions. The data and

2 Explain Software Testing Strategy.

Answer: Software testing strategy is explained in figure below. This strategy defines the role of software and leads to software requirements analysis, where the information domain, function, behavior, performance, constraints, and validation criteria for software- are established. Moving

3 Explain cloud system architecture.

Answer: The key to cloud computing is the “cloud” a massive network of servers or even individual PCs interconnected in a grid. These computers run in parallel, combining the resources of each to generate

Dear students get fully solved assignments
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