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DRIVE                                               Spring 2017
PROGRAM                                       Master of Business Administration- MBA
SEMESTER                                      Semester 4
SUBJECT                                                  MU0017 – TALENT MANAGEMENT AND EMPLOYEE RETENTION
BK ID                                                 B1869
CREDIT & MARKS                                    4 Credits, 60 marks
Note – Answer all questions. Kindly note that answers for 10 marks questions should be approximately of 400 words. Each question is followed by evaluation scheme.

Ques 1 What are competency characteristics? Describe some of them.
Ans A competency is a reliably measurable, relatively stable and enduring characteristic of a person, team or an organisation that causes and statistically predicts a criterion level of performance (Berger and Berger).
“Reliably measurable” means two or more independent persons agree statistically that certain =

Ques 2  Define Talent Management. Discuss the Talent management Approaches.
Definition of Talent Management
Talent management is defined as a conscious and systematic approach taken up to attract, identify, develop and retain productive and engaged employees with aptitude and abilities to meet current and future =

Q3. Briefly describe the different Talent Management Processes?
Description of Talent management processes
Key Processes of Talent Management
Organisations are made up of people who in turn create value through proven business processes, innovation, customer service, and many other important activities.
In order to meet its business goals, an organisation must make sure that it has a continuous and =

Ques 4 Explain the key Compensation principles. What do you mean by Total rewards?
Ans There are few key compensation principles. They are:
· Consider the unique characteristics and specific needs of
organisation: The unique characteristics and specific needs of the organisation need to be considered for the formulation of compensation plans. An understanding of compensation plans among competitors will create a competitive edge. The process should be developed in alignment with the strategic requirements of the company. Here process refers to the approach to =

Ques 5 Explain the role of IT in Talent Management Systems.
Ans The globalization and advancement in information technology (IT), in which developing countries play a major role, has caused a “war for talent.” To meet challenging growth targets, service providers find that recruitment and retention are of key importance. For developing countries globalization offers the opportunity for economic development. The major concern for =

Ques 6 Write short notes on:
a)Promoting ethics in workplace
b)Talent Review
Ansa) Promoting ethics in workplace- Ethics is study of values or principles relating to right or wrong behaviour, =

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