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1. Define business research and explain the process of research?
Definition of Research
Explanation of the steps in a research study

Answer: Different scholars have interpreted the term ‘research’ in many ways. For instance, Fred Kerlinger (1986) stated that ‘Scientific research is a systematic, controlled and critical investigation of propositions about various phenomena.’ Grinnell (1993) has simplified the debate and stated ‘The word research is composed of two syllables, ‘re’ and ‘search’.

Process of

2 What are descriptive research designs? Explain the different kinds of descriptive research designs.
[Meaning of Descriptive Research designs
Kinds of Descriptive research designs]

Answer: As the name implies, the objective of descriptive research studies is to provide a comprehensive and detailed explanation of the phenomena under study. The intended objective might be to give a detailed sketch or profile of the respondent population being studied. For example, to design an advertising and sales promotion campaign for high-end watches, a marketer would require a holistic profile of the population that buys such luxury products. Thus a descriptive study, (which generates data on who, what, when, where, why and how

3 Discuss four types of measurements scales with appropriate examples.

Answer: Types of measurements scales
Nominal scale: This is the lowest level of measurement. Here, numbers are assigned for the purpose of identification of the objects. Any object which is assigned a higher number is in no way superior to the one which is assigned a lower number. Each number is assigned to only one object and each object has only one number assigned to it. It may be noted that the objects are

4 Differentiate between the Stratified random sampling and Systematic sampling.
a. stratified random sampling
b. systematic sampling

AnswerStratified random sampling
Under this sampling design, the entire population (universe) is divided into strata (groups), which are mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive. By mutually exclusive, it is meant that if an element

5 Distinguish between coding closed-ended structured questions and coding open-ended structured questions
Coding Closed-ended
Coding Open-ended

AnswerCoding Closed-ended Structured Questions
The method of coding for structured questions is easier as the response categories are decided in advance. The coding method to be followed for different kinds of questions is discussed below.
Dichotomous questions: For dichotomous questions, which are on a nominal scale, the responses can be binary, for example:
Do you eat ready-to-

6. Explain the Structure of the Research Report. What are the guidelines for effective report writing?
[Explanation of the Structure of the Research Report-5
Guidelines for effective report writing-5]

Answer: Whatever the type of report, the reporting requires a structured format and by and large, the process is standardized. As stated above, the major difference amongst the types of reports is that all the
Dear students get fully solved assignments
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