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MU0013 –HR Audit

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DRIVE winter 2017
BK ID-B1735
CREDIT & MARKS-4 Credits, 60 marks

Q1. Define Human Resource Planning (HRP).Discuss the objectives of Human Resource Planning.
(Meaning of Human Resource Planning., Explain the four main objectives of Human Resource Planning) 2, 8
Meaning of Human Resource Planning
Human resource planning is the term used to describe how companies ensure that their staff comprises the “right person for doing the job”. It includes planning for staff retention, planning for candidate search, training and skills analysis and much more. It is the process of acquiring and utilising human resource in an organization. The main objective is to ensure that an

Q2. Suppose you have joined as an HR and you are asked to carry out the HR Audit process in your organization. What are the methods you will consider while implementing the HR Audit process?
(Explain the methods involved in the HR Audit process) 10
Methods involved in the HR Audit process
Methods used in the HR Audit process are: Interviews

In order to ascertain what the top management thinks about the future plans and opportunities available for the company, the auditors

Q.3.What are the areas of HR Audit? Explain any four of them (Listing the areas of HR Audit., Explaining any four of them.) 1,9


Areas of HR Audit

Various areas in which HR audit is performed are as follows:

·       Audit of HR planning
·       Audit of HR development
·       Audit of training
·       Audit of industrial relations
·       Audit of managerial compliance
·       Audit of HR climate
·       Audit of corporate strategies.

Audit of HR Planning: HR planning refers to the ongoing process of systematic planning to achieve optimum use of an organisation's most valuable asset - its human resources. The objective of HR planning is to ensure the best fit between employees and jobs, while avoiding manpower shortages or surpluses. The three key elements of the HR planning process are

Q.4.What do you mean by HR Scorecard? Explain the steps undertaken to approach a Human Resource Scorecard. (Definition of HR Scorecard, Explaining the steps in HR Scorecard Approach) 2,8


HR Scorecard

The various steps involved in conducting human resource (HR) audit including how to plan questions, collecting and analysing data and assessing the ability for change. HR scorecard which is an important tool for conducting a successful HR audit. It is used for measuring the contribution of human resource management practices for achieving organisational objectives. The

·       . The process is not a one-time event. HR professionals must regularly review the measures and their impacts.

Q.5. Write a brief note on the effectiveness of Human Resource Development Audit as an intervention. (Explaining the Effectiveness of Human Resource Development Audit as an intervention) 10


Effectiveness of Human Resource Development Audit as an Intervention

In any firm, along with the optimal utilisation of other resources, human resources should also be exploited to its maximum potential. Businesses which utilise their human resources in an effective way have better chances of success in the future. Sustainability and progress of business will depend on new competencies, methods, strategies and value creating processes. Every organisation has accepted that human resource is the most valuable asset of an organisation though its value is not mentioned in the balance sheet. Lack of information regarding human capital was seen as a serious handicap for decision

Q6. What do you mean by Employee Orientation Programmes? List out some points of Good employee orientation programmes.
Definition of Employee Orientation Programmes
List of Good employee orientation programmes

Definition of Employee Orientation Programmes: Employee orientation programmes are given to new employees at a place of business or work. It helps employees to speed up and learn the “ground rules” of the company. This often reduces start-up time, training, and other indirect costs associated with having new employees who are unfamiliar with the company culture. Orientation programmes

Dear students get fully solved assignments
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