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DRIVE-winter 2017
BK ID-B1765
CREDIT & MARKS-4 Credits, 60 marks
Q1 What are the key human resource elements?
Answer. There are nine key HR elements that every human resource manager needs to practice or pay attention to when making decisions. They are:
I) Planning and Evaluating Employees
Organizations need to articulate the vision, mission, goals and objectives. These goals need to cascade down to every employee in the organization based on the job role. Performance targets are achieved through strategic

Q2 What do you mean by Human Resource Accounting (HRA)? Discuss the objectives and advantages of HRA.
(Definition of Human Resource Accounting, Describing the objectives of HRA, Describing the major benefits of HRA)2, 4, 4
Human Resource Accounting
HRA can be defined as the process of identifying, recording, measuring human resources and communicating related financial information associated with the human resource to the interested users. Thus HRA not only –

Q3 What is Manpower Planning? Mention five essential elements/steps of manpower planning.
Answer. The labor planning function is a key part of the HR function. Labor planning function conducts an orientation program for the

Q4 Discuss in details the Employee Exit Process
(Explaining the Employee Exit process in detail) 10
Employee Exit process
Employee exit process ensures that all the documentation and processes are followed in a professional manner by organizations and businesses.

The employee who wants to resign will discuss with his Manager, submits his resignation to his Manager. The Manager should put his comments on the resignation letter and forward it to HR. (these comments can be To be relieved by

Q5 What are the benefits of setting up a training academy?
Answer. Benefits of setting up a Training Academy By setting up an academy, an organization can get the following benefits:
Reduced Hiring Costs – As lesser number of employees is hired through consultants and more number of students is hired from the training academy, the hiring cost is reduced. In addition, the organization generates revenue on every candidate trained

Q6 Write short notes on the following:
a)Competency Mapping
b)Succession Planning
Answer. Competency Mapping
Competency-based HR is considered the best HR. Competency development and mapping still remains an unexplored process in most organizations. Level 3 of People Capability Maturity Model focused on the competency framework in an

Dear students get fully solved assignments
Send your semester & Specialization name to our mail id :
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