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Qus:1 What are the different challenges a manager face in managing Information systems?
Answer: Managing IS in organisations is a highly challenging and complex task. One reason for this complexity is that neither organisations nor the IS they use remain static over time – both change continuously, and it is the job of management to ensure that the systems remain useful and relevant for their organisational goals at all times. Organisations change to respond to the needs of the

Qus:2 Explain the concepts of
a) Transaction Processing System
b) Management Information System
Answer: a) Transaction Processing System
A transaction is any activity of the organisation that generates information. For example, the activities related to buying a ticket from the Indian Railways generates many transactions, each of which

Qus:3 How Information system can be used to support Competitive strategy? Substantiate with suitable examples.
Answer: The promise of information systems is that they enable the competitive strategy of commercial fi rms. The competitive strategy of a commercial firm is its longterm competitive position, such as of being a low-cost player or a differentiator, which the fi rm adopts. A fi rm’s strategy is the set of activities it engages in as part of its long-term competitive goals. Strategies lead to

Set 2

Qus:1 Explain the following concepts
a) Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
b) Online Payment Technology
c) Mobile Commerce
Answer: a) Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
Before the growth of the common standards for the Internet and the growthof Extranets, firms exchanged data electronically through private networks.
This process was called electronic data interchange (EDI). The EDI standards were initiated in the 1960s in

Qus:2 What is DSS? How it is different from MIS? How DSS helps in Decision making?
Answer: Decision support systems (DSS) are used extensively across organisations to assist managers with making decisions. DSS are different from management information systems as they are used on an as-needed basis and created for solving special types of decision problems.

Qus:3 Explain why privacy is important for individuals in the organizations? How workplace electronic monitoring is done in the organizations?
Answer: Information systems are used widely across organisations, and they enable data and information to be widely distributed for use. When the data pertains to individuals (relating to their work, personal habits, or personal life), and it resides on organisational information systems, the question

Dear students get fully solved assignments
Send your semester & Specialization name to our mail id :
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